Closers patches in a higher maximum level, even for Wolfgang

Wolfgang is here too!
Yes, most games have their level caps arranged in intervals divisible by five, but Closers can do what it wants. The newest patch for the game includes a level cap boost for all characters to 83, noting that this applies even for Wolfgang. This, of course, is a reference to the fact that Wolfgang is still a very new character… but it seems much more fun to read it as “my friends and Zoidberg,” which is how we’ve chosen to do so. Yes, even Wolfgang gets a level increase. Stupid Wolfgang.

You can also dive into some Great Purge Ops with an ongoing event rewarding you for taking place, along with different bosses available at different times. The game’s gear system will also now buff you if your gear level exceeds what’s required for a stage, even if for some reason you’re bringing Wolfgang with you. So take a look through the patch notes and get ready to bring your favorite characters (and Wolfgang) through new challenges.


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