Fortnite on Android has lots of fake versions with malware, spyware, and so forth


Hey, remember when concerns were raised about Fortnite on Android not having any built-in security by avoiding the Google Play store? After all, it’d be really easy for someone to put a fake app out there labeled as Fortnite and ask you to download and install it while you bypassed security alerts without realizing it was malicious. Luckily, Epic Games assured us that wouldn’t happen, and so we can all rest easy knowing… oh, look, it’s still in beta but there were already 32 fake apps to test containing malware and the like.

That worked out real great.

It’s important to remind everyone that the only place to officially download the app is via the Epic Games site, but the apps tested are among the first to pop up when you simply search for Fortnite to download. It’s not going to trick people who are moderately tech-savvy, but it’s going to wind up hitting a lot of people who aren’t necessarily familiar with vetting the sources for their installations… which is a lot of mobile users. So that’s great.

Source: VG24/7
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