SMITE’s Hera’s Odyssey update hits the PTS as Hi-Rez announces World Championship details

The latest event for SMITE, Hera’s Odyssey, is now live on the game’s public test servers, allowing players to preview and test the event before it goes live with update 5.17.

Over the course of the events, players will gain Odyssey levels by accumulating Odyssey points, which are earned by completing specific quests and/or by buying Odyssey items from the in-game shop. With every three Odyssey levels players earn, they’ll be granted a free item as a reward. Players can also earn collection bonus items through quests. Hera’s Odyssey also introduces four new skins for players to earn, giving new aesthetics and voice packs to Thanatos, Anubis, Discordia, and Kumbhakarna.

In addition to the Hera’s Odyssey event, patch 5.17 brings a handful of quality-of-life improvements to the console versions of SMITE as well as some item and character balancing tweaks. On the item-balance side of things, a new item — the Golden Blade — is being introduced, serving as a rebalanced version of the Golden Bow that had previously been removed from the game due to balance issues; the Heartseeker has also been redesigned to accommodate the Golden Blade’s addition.

Meanwhile, in the realm of character-balance, the devs have made a few minor tweaks to the gods Athena, Cabrakan, Cernunnos, Chiron, Freya, and Ratatoskr, the full details of which can be found, along with the rest of the 5.17 update notes, on the game’s official site.

And if you’re really into SMITE, you’re going to want to check out the newly unveiled details for the SMITE World Championship at Dreamhack Atlanta this November!

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