BlizzCon reveals the first digital freebie and prepares for more pre-show build-a-panel fun

Here we go again.

Begun, the BlizzCon has. Sort of. Yesterday’s video reveal of what promises to be the first of several virtual freebies from the Virtual Ticket (an Overwatch skin dressing Sombra up as a Diablo III Demon Hunter) was just the beginning; there are going to be more videos going live between now and when the event itself actually begins. There’s also a promise of letting the community decide what they would like to see from a video panel with a build-a-panel workshop.

New to this year’s virtual ticket is the ability to watch the show directly from the app on your desktop, in addition to the usual means of browsers or mobile apps. And, of course, there’s the promise of more digital stuff getting revealed before the show, so you can find out what your World of Warcraft pet (it’s almost always a pet) will look like. There’s even a new infographic just below, if you’d like to know some stats on the company’s games before BlizzCon arrives in full force.

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