Dauntless improves matchmaking across the board for its next patch

Let's do this together! Team-building!

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match in Dauntless. You’ll be better at doing so once the game’s next patch comes around because the next patch includes changes aimed at improving the game’s matchmaking system. How so? Well, for one thing, players will no longer have to putter on airship decks whilst waiting for matches but will instead get to roam around town. They will also no longer be tossed into hunts solo without specifically declining matchmaking, and there will be a chance to adjust things like loadouts and cosmetic gear before the hunt begins.

Adjustments are also being made to ensure that someone whose connection drops just before the hunt starts will no longer be counted as part of the group for balance purposes, and players who join in a pre-formed group can chat amongst themselves without including random other players. Check out a full rundown of the changes on the official site, which should make grouping up to hunt some monsters feel that much better.


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