NetEase’s blockbuster battle royale game Knives Out is porting to PlayStation 4

NetEase’s blockbuster battle royale game Knives Out is porting to PlayStation 4

Knives Out, which deserves an award based on the fact that it has the best battle royale game name ever, is coming to the PlayStation 4, NetEase announced this week. The press release says that when it ports from mobile to PS4, it will “retain the battle royale gameplay that is key to the mobile version. Specifically, one hundred players parachute onto the battlefield, where they scavenge for weapons and equipment to eliminate all opponents while avoiding being trapped outside of the shrinking safe zone as they fight to be the last man standing.”

The game entered our radar this past spring when PUBG Corp. sued NetEase for alleged copyright infringement in some of its games including Knives Out, in a suit where PUBG Corp. appeared to be laying claim to rather basic tenets of video game design. NetEase retaliated by threatening to sue everyone that cloned its own games and submitted a motion to dismiss in PUBG Corp.’s suit, calling it “shameless.”

And this game is no slouch, so it’s worth fighting for; according to SuperData’s revenue report for July, Knives Out pulled in quite a bit of dough globally, enough to land in in fourth place for mobile just behind Honour of Kings, QQ Speed, and Pokemon Go.

Source: Press release

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I was gonna form an educated opinion on this topic by researching whether pubg can be played on PS4, then I got lazy.

Danny Smith

Honestly when Fortnite is already on there why bother? Like if you have some gimmick like Hide or Die where its 16 against one serial killer sure take a whack at it, but if you are a literal clone in gameplay do they think they are going to catch anyone when fortnite has no barrier for entry?

Honestly i don’t even like what fortnite turned into but these ‘because we can’ meme games should stick to the app store if they are just going to be a clone and offer nothing new.