Sea of Thieves developer update video talks Forsaken Shores and Bilge Rat Adventures


Although Sea of Thieves players may be somewhat disappointed that they won’t be receiving a game update this week, the folks over at Rare have released a new developer update video to explain the absence. In the video, Executive Producer Joe Neate says the reason is simple: Since this week is the week leading up to the release of Sea of Thieves’s next major content update, Forsaken Shores — the trailer for which released last week — the devs thought it would be best to forego a standard game update so that the entire development team could focus wholly on making sure that Forsaken Shores is as smooth and polished as it can possibly be before it goes live.

Neate also takes some time to talk about Forsaken Shores itself, saying that players can expect it to be a more “exploration-focused” campaign that will be “a bit more leisurely” than the campaigns that have come before it. There will be no time-limited events during the three-week campaign, allowing players to explore the new content — which includes a new type of transportation, the rowboat, as well as a new quest type for merchants, called cargo runs — at a more relaxed pace. Neate closes by talking a bit about the studio’s refined design philosophy behind Bilge Rat Adventures and what players can look forward to from them in the future. For all these details and a few more besides, you can check out the full video past the cut.


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Kind of surprised I found a Pioneer invitation in my email yesterday. I haven’t been super active outside of occasional spurts like the Cursed Sails, but even then I only bothered doing 5 of the 9 battles, skipping out entirely on the final round of ships because I wasn’t interested in the time commitment + already had more than enough doubloons to get what I wanted.

Still I really do wonder why they’re doing an area expansion like this when the rest of the world still feels empty and in need of further fleshing out. All they’ve shown/indicated so far is that it’s just a new region with some gimmicks to it. There’s no new reputation or mix-up to the existing reputations. It just looks to be extra land mass with some extra gimmicks, but unless they change up the formula of voyages etc. it’s not like that new region is going to give extra rewards for the extra danger to it, I imagine.

I do like the idea of a more exploration-focused area/event but at the same time what will there actually be to explore and earn from it?

Guess we’ll see next week, but it’s hard to really be optimistic about this anymore. And there’s no indication as to what’s coming after this, either.

Dug From The Earth

There will be no time-limited events during the three-week campaign

Um…. isnt a “three-week campaign” a time-limited event? lol