TERA hands out free character slots head of server merges as players riot over RP server move

As we learned at the end of last month, TERA is about to merge a bunch of its PC servers in an attempt to “unify the PC community on three servers in order to provide players with more grouping opportunities, faster dungeon and PvP queues and a more bustling in-game economy for traders.” Although the goal behind the merge is obviously to provide an overall more enjoyable game experience for players, the folks at En Masse realize that it can also be a bit of a hassle for players to get their proverbial houses in order to prepare for the big server squish.

Therefore, to help make the transition a bit smoother, En Masse is providing all active TERA players with eight additional character slots, which the studio recommends players use “on the server where [they] have the most characters, to increase [their] available character slots on one of the merging servers as close to the maximum of 20 as [they] can.” The character slot items, which will be delivered directly to each player’s Item Claim, must be redeemed and used prior to server maintenance on Tuesday, September 18th.

Any players who have more characters than character slots on the post-merge server will be unable to log in until they pare their character list down to fit the available slots, so TERA players with numerous characters will definitely want to log in and redeem their free slots ASAP. Also, between now and the server merge during maintenance on September 18th, players can snag services including additional additional character slots, bank expansions, and inventory expansions for 50% off in the TERA Store.

Worth pointing out is that En Masse has further downsized the number of planned remaining servers from three to two, as the RP server will be merged into the PvE server. Understandably, folks aren’t exactly happy about that decision and are making their anger known in a mega thread on the official forums.

Source: Official site. With thanks to Jack!
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