EverQuest II’s Chaos Descending expansion will arrive in November

Is chaos an element? It will definitely be a major component of the EverQuest II’s Elemental Planes this November thanks to the upcoming expansion. Daybreak announced today that Chaos Descending, the game’s 15th expansion, will further players’ adventures in said Elemental Planes, taking them through the Burning Lands, Earthen Badlands, the Unresting Waters, the Great Library, and the Kingdom of Wind. During these exploits players will also run into gods and goddesses, including the very frozen E’ci (whom you may be familiar with thanks to Frostfell adventures!).

November is still a couple of months away, but there are ways to occupy your time and get ready for the expansion. As we mentioned yesterday, the expansion prelude event Against the Elements is already live on servers and will run until Chaos Descending launches. The Days of Summer event is also running, with a five more installments of weekly quests coming.

Additionally, The Planes of Prophecy expansion will be 50% off until October 2nd, 2018, at 2:59 a.m. EDT; after that, CD pre-orders will begin. As before, there will also be a Gear Up, Level Up event starting soon to help players get set up for the new content.

Source: EQII producers letter. Thanks to Wilhelm for the tip.

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Henrik Boriths

After seeing how they threat their paying customers on their TLE server, Fallen Gate, I wont be spending another cent on this or any of their titles. Its been 5 weeks since the TSO expanson unlocked and they still have not “fixed” the gear so it has appropriate stats for raiders. Mind you, every expansion is on a 12 week rotation, so almost half of the current expansion has gone and players still cant get upgrades to progress the raids on certain classes. Instead of telling the players when or if it will be fixed they started to mass ban people on their discord for asking if and when they intend to fix this issue. The playerbase of FG have been met with nothing but silence.

We were promised after the recent layoffs that it would not affect the game and asked if this would have any effect on Fallen Gate. With Fyreflyte, one of the only developers that could and would community with the player base in a normal human kind of way, being layed off, the players were obviously nervous. Two months later its obvious that this is a lie and the exact same thing that happen to Stormhold (their first TLE) is happening. The SF expansion is about to launch in 7 weeks and they stop carying and instead of fixing their current TLE, the plan is apparently to open yet a new PVP TLE, screwing over an entire again by discontinuing support.

Having played this title for more than 14 years I think I finally realised just how bad of company they are and even I, the biggest eq2 whiteknight in the world is starting to be on the last straw.

Castagere Shaikura

What..do people PVP in EQ2?

Henrik Boriths

No. but join their discord channel. Its the only way to get communication with the dev team. But be careful, saying anything they dont like will get you banned.