Revelation Online previews the renovation of New Sulan

The latest Q&A post from Revelation Online is all about the upcoming New Sulan update, which will see one of the game’s major cities, Sulan, receive a massive rework, along with other changes such as the dungeon difficulty updates we previewed last week. The focus for this most recent Q&A is on the rebuilding of Sulan (soon to be New Sulan) in an attempt to turn it into “a living, breathing city for residents and visitors alike — a space teeming with activity in which life goes on whether players choose to engage with it or not.”

In addition to bringing updated art and textures to the city, the New Sulan update will also renovate the city’s building layouts, which the Q&A says will “provide new gameplay possibilities.” The update will also make the city a livelier place to be by adding new NPCs with whom players can interact as they go about their business in New Sulan. Players will even be able to (and indeed be given a quest requiring them to) board a riverboat to take a guided tour of the waterfront city, allowing them to take in the sights and enjoy some relaxation away from the turmoil of combat outside the city. You can check out the full Q&A over at the game’s official site.


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I doubt anyone cares about this game anymore. It didn’t deliver AT ALL.