Path of Exile now has big plans to rebalance sulphite drops and Delve’s azurite mines

It turns out that yesterday’s patch to Delve League wasn’t the only change Grinding Gear has in store for Path of Exile. As we noted yesterday, the most recent patch was mostly bug fixes – it didn’t address sulphite farming and requirements, the major complaint of POE players ever since Delve hit. It didn’t address azurite mines either. But that’s because GGG is planning a second patch for next week specifically to address both.

“Our initial plan for the Azurite Mine was that you would have a separate one per character,” the studio says. “This way you would get a unique Delve experience with each character you create, and could Delve at depths appropriate for that character’s power level. It’s clear from feedback and retrospection that we were wrong with this decision, and that the ability to have multiple characters access the same Azurite Mine would be an overall improvement to Delve.”

Consequently, the new plan is to make the mines account-wide, so all of your toons can access your deepest accessible mine. Sulphite, however, will still not be shared across characters. GGG originally wanted to discourage farming acts nine and ten for sulphite, but it admits it “didn’t manage to hit the correct balance” on drops.

“In order to correct this, we are going to rebalance both Sulphite gain from higher-tier maps, and Sulphite costs in the mine. Higher-tier maps will grant significantly more Sulphite, but their corresponding depths will cost more Sulphite than before. We will also make map item quantity bonuses affect Sulphite gain. We want it so that playing harder content is always worthwhile. In order to compensate for the larger amounts of Sulphite that you will have, we will increase the caps on Sulphite at all upgrade levels. We will also cap the Sulphite costs per Delve past depth 1000 so that it doesn’t require exponentially more map play in order to progress as you delve really deep. After these changes, playing high-tier maps will be way more efficient as a means of farming Sulphite, so grinding Quarry will not be the best way to get progress in Delve.”

So there you go – good feedback, good results.

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I’m thoroughly enjoying Delving, more so than doing the other, ‘standard’ content. I think it’s a great mechanic.

But… I don’t really like the whole Sulfite thing. I’m of the opinion that you let players play the way they’d like to play, and gating lots of content behind grinding out crawler fuel isn’t fun. Especially since the costs only really allow about five or six delves at the level you’re at before you have to grind for fuel again.

Coupled with the upgrade costs that very quickly spiral upward making it necessary to farm more and more azerite. Well, I think it could do with rebalancing the costs to allow players to spend more time Delving and to make the upgrades a bit cheaper (at least the early stage upgrades.)

I’ve just started a new character because my starter was too squishy to really do the yellow and red maps. If they lock up the major gains in sulfite behind the top tier maps it may be a long time before I get the chance to go deep delving. Looks like I’ll still be farming Quarry.


Good corporate responsiveness, rare enough in 2018.
They shouldn’t slavishly follow what the nattering masses complain about, but it’s nice that they are listening.

It seems a pretty simple matter of a couple of different scaling mechanisms not being in synch, so fairly easy to adjust if not necessarily simple to coordinate two variables.

I personally am finding the time-to-accumulate in the game world vs time in the “loot pinata delve” seems reasonable but I’m astonishingly slow by most modern gamer standards, only around level 20ish now.

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The good result based on the feedback is still up in the air as far as I am concerned. We need to know specifics to know whether it is good for everyone, a specific type of player or no one. At the moment am worried my particular play style as a solo self found (ssf) is about to be screwed out of the league.

I am going to wait on the specifics before I decide whether this is the end of my participation in this league or not but I am now a little worried when I wasn’t before and was just enjoying the new delve content.