Star Citizen’s latest Around the Verse talks asteroid mining, rocks, and focused listening


This week’s Star Citizen Around the Verse video opens with a cinematic segment that is both unnerving and confusing, but it’s quickly tossed to the wayside (and never mentioned again) in favor of a behind-the-scenes look at what the devs have been working on this week, including asteroid mining, focused audio, and, uh, making rocks. Lead System Designer Dan Trufin shows off the progress that’s been made on Star Citizen‘s asteroid mining system in a short in-game demonstration and talks about the new rock and mineral formations that are being added for surface-side mining.

Also on display is a rather unique feature that the folks at Cloud Imperium are trying to bring to Star Citizen: focused listening. Dialogue Supervisor Bob Rissolo and Senior Audio Programmer Simon Price explain that the feature will let players focus their listening on specific sound sources, allowing players to more easily hear NPCs (or, perhaps, each other) in loud or crowded environments. And lastly, Senior System Designer Andre Beccu gives players a behind the scene look at process of adding AI starship traffic to the city of Lorville to give it the feel of a lively and bustling spaceport. You can check out the full Around the Verse video after the cut.

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