Sea of Thieves progress update warns of possible Forsaken Shores delay


As the projected release of Sea of Thieves’s latest major content update, Forsaken Shores, creeps ever closer, Executive Producer Joe Neate has taken the time to post a quick progress update on the game’s official site. According to the post, the team at Rare is “nearing the end of [its] polishing and bug fixing phase,” and a near-final build of the update will be going out to Pioneers over the weekend for some final pre-launch testing.

Neate acknowledges that the game’s “last couple of updates have seen issues introduced into the build . . . or have required emergency maintenance immediately following release,” but with Forsaken Shores, he says, “it’s [the dev team’s] priority to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” In light of that, the update warns that “there is a chance that Forsaken Shores may not release on the 19th September as planned,” but in the event that the release is held back for some extra last-minute polishing, the team doesn’t expect the delay to be “longer than a few days.”