The Daily Grind: When do you know it’s time to return to an MMO?

The Daily Grind: When do you know it’s time to return to an MMO?

I swear to you, the other night I had a dream in which I was sorting out which MMOs I was going to return to in the near future. There was Elder Scrolls Online, which I know has a lot of storytelling potential and housing to boot. And my mind led me over to SWTOR, which has provided me with plenty of great times in the past. Then I woke up and thought, yup, that’s how it shall be.

Not all of my gaming decisions are made by dreamland oracle. Sometimes I just know that it’s time to come back to an MMO because there’s some great content coming out for it or I have this inexplicable yearning to be in that land once again. Having friends who are all enthusiastic about it and trying to drag me back doesn’t hurt, either. I blame Larry for getting me all riled up about Neverwinter as of late.

When do you know it’s time to return to an MMO? Are you feeling that lately?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Rolan Storm

No idea. Just feel like it. In my case it is SWTOR and I chose class I had real problems playing at launch – Sentinel. Feels like home.

Robert Mann

When it is decided with some friends.

At this point, there’s just not an MMO that is that appealing on it’s own merits. I’ve got so many better games that I can play, that the pure one and only reason for MMOs right now for me is to dink around with friends on something. I do not feel the appeal of random people running by, for all I care those randoms could be replaced with less obnoxious (in chat) bots… or just not be there.

Where I do sometimes enjoy meeting somebody new, that’s just so rare in the rather anti-social MMOs that have become the dominant design of today. I’m far more likely to set out for new friendly faces elsewhere, simply because the game design is so harsh upon trying to actually do things with people. That can be overcome with known friends, but trying to do that with people you don’t know is painful at best.

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The only thing I could think of that hasn’t already been mentioned is… the weather.

I stopped playing SWTOR at the beginning of summer not because I was bored – I was actually in the middle of expansion content I’d never played before – but because it was too hot.

For whatever reason, SWTOR makes my PC run hotter than any other game I play. Over the course of a couple hours it raises the temp in my room by 5-10 degrees. Even with doors/windows open and fans blowing on me, I’d be playing in a puddle of sweat.

Unfortunately, I’m in southern CA at the moment, so temps still get in the mid-80s (about 30C) every day. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to it soon.


I had to get a window unit for the gaming room just to combat this very thing. not just SWTOR, but there are a few out there that run hot as hell for me too.


When I find out from MassivelyOP that there’s a legacy server that’s been stable for several years that I can sign up for and go re-live my old Trader/Entertainer/Beast Master adventures. ;-)

Castagere Shaikura

I swear i’m waiting for Anarchy Online to become a completely F2P mmo. I swear i would spend money in that cash shop gladly to support it. I just can’t bring myself to pay a full monthly fee on a game in maintenance mode. Heck i would maybe pay a 5 dollar monthly fee but not 15 dollars.

Roger Melly

Its time to return when there are no new games that interest you, the one you currently play is dead or lacks much new content and the ones that do are still in development .

That is the point I reached with Rift earlier this year . I was hoping Bless might be a decent game but bad reviews convinced me not to buy it when it came out and the games in development live Crowfall , Camelot Unchained and Pantheon are still unreleased or are not in Beta state where the game is finished enough that I want to put money into them .

Elder Scrolls Online was my first choice of return because both expansions were included in the price of one offer , the game ended up being far too easy for me in regards to quest content . I enjoyed doing the story missions and found it had a modicum of challenge once I took off all my gear apart from the weapon . However once I hit the endgame there really wasn’t much point in continuing as a main game because it lacked raids and compelling instanced pvp . I have decided I will return every so often and pay for a months subscription when there are two or three DLC’s I have not played or when an expansion is on sale for half price . I will also give some time to holiday events .

WoW was my second choice but the same problems remained the game while questing is even easier than Elder Scrolls online but this time taking off all my gear didn’t while leveling didn’t make it nearly as challenging as I would like and the community is still as unfriendly and immature as it ever was .

I next gave ff14 a try ( I had reached level 50 ) but I soon remembered why I quit because as a friend once said to me there is a point in the game where all you get is delivery quests or “delivery boy online” as she called it . Maybe once you get past that and into the first expansion it is pretty good , I just got bored though and left .

Recently I have tried GW2 after buying the two expansions in a sale , I am currently working through them after 4 years away and the living world seasons ( I had the foresight to keep logging in when they were available ) . I am enjoying following the story and questing is not too easy for me even with all my gear on . Above all I find it engaging but I imagine once I am done with the new content the same problem will be there as before and the endgame will not draw me in .

Dunno where I will go after that , hopefully one of the games in development will be released or be in a more advanced beta state . If not I have my eye on a return to Terra , Star Trek Online , TSW legends to do the Tokyo content for the first time or maybe carry on with Neverwinter . I must admit I have one eye on Project Gorgon if its on sale on Black Friday .

Sadly the mmo genre seems to be a bit stagnant this year in terms of new games and I find myself looking at those that I started many years ago to keep my interest going in the genre .


That’s easy to answer. Whenever there is new story content, because you can only repeat the same content so many times before it just get plain boring. The worst offender is PVP. The only thing that keeps a MMO fresh is regular story updates and story expansions. Both single and multiplayer story content. If a game isn’t furthering their single player and multiplayer story, I normally take a break from that game. Plain and simple.

Khalith .

When I hear about an update or a change that sounds really cool. For example, I had quit SWTOR for a while but when I heard there was finally an option to kill off Vette once and for all I immediately jumped at the chance.

Another example was WoW, I was at Target and looking at their clearance section for games and lo and behold, someone marked a 60 day timecard down to 15 dollars and it still worked just fine! So since I had gotten a great deal and basically a free month, I decided to pick up Legion finally and level up my character and play for two months.

I went back to Destiny 2 when I read about the Forsaken expansion and all the awesome changes.

Oleg Chebeneev

When you feel the urge to play it

Bango on Laurelin