Aion’s A New Dawn update adds a new zone and new dungeons, speeds up leveling

Big changes are coming to Gameforge’s European version of Aion this month with the A New Dawn content update, which adds a new zone, new dungeons, and some major quality-of-life improvements to NCSoft’s free-to-play MMO. A New Dawn will see players venturing into the brand-new zone of Lakrum hot on the heels of the sinister Ereshkigal, whom players must stop before she can carry out her plot to steal the holy treasures of Aion. Along the way, players will be able to tackle two new instanced dungeons, the six-player Prometun’s Workshop and the solo Kubrinerk Cube Laboratory.

On top of the new content, A New Dawn will also bring some sweeping quality-of-life changes to existing systems. The game’s enchantment system has been altered so that failed enchantment attempts will no longer cause the enchanted item to break, which is sure to be a welcome change for players who are tired of this most obnoxious of mechanics. Moreover, the leveling progression rate for levels 1 to 75 has been increased to “ensure a rapid and entertaining ascension” and to allow players to more quickly reach the new content of A New Dawn, which also raises the level cap to 80. You can check out the trailer for A New Dawn past the cut or head over to the official site for the full update notes.

Source: Official site, 2, via Twitter, 2
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