MMOARPG Lost Ark will finally launch in South Korea on November 7

Leaving port.

Lost Ark is finally hitting open beta, MMO Culture reports.

Smilegate’s media conference this morning revealed that its soft launch open beta will land for South Koreans on November 7th. Once the game is live, content will flow under seasonal, episodic, and patch updates. Apparently, the studio is working on a new continent and four additional classes to be added at some point after launch. A “graphics remaster” is also on the table. Yes, we’re talking about a game still in beta planning a graphical overhaul after it’s launched.

Intriguingly, this sounds like one of those Guild Wars-esque titles where you can level up strictly through PvP if you so desire. It’s also meant to be played on PC first and foremost, not mobile.

We’ve had an eye on the game for years; it was first announced back in 2014 as a next-gen Diablo-style MMORPG, but it quickly fell dramatically behind schedule. MMO Culture says it’s actually been in production even longer than that, with a $90M budget to boot. It is still not clear whether it’s coming westward, but we’re holding out hope.

Source: MMO Culture, official site (Korean)
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A lot of hype behind this one. Some of the coolest spell animations I’ve seen in a video game. I’ll need to wrangle me up a Korean social security code or whatever nonsense is required to play games over there to check this one out, because I doubt NA will be seeing it for another year or 2, if ever.


If only I could endure myself to play with isometric camera… I wanna see the sky and the horizon.. its really a deal breaker for me. Its probably psychological, but I feel claustrophobic when attempt to play diablo-like games.

EDIT: The trailer is fantastic! I wish the zones was like this, like normal MMO :( I will give it a try though, who knows… maybe I can get used to the camera if the game is really good!

Denice J. Cook

I know, right? That trailer *is* fantastic! Now I want to play it more than ever!


Isnt it a great that some games can look and feel different than your typical mmo.

Denice J. Cook

I’ve had my eye on that one for years it seems. I do hope they eventually bring it westward. :)

Oleg Chebeneev

Lost Ark is one of my most anticipated games. And second most anticipated MMO after Star Citizen.
But afaik you cant level purely through PvP. PvP is very limited in this game actually

Daniel Miller

Did cbt 2 and 3. Registered today but its a daiblio type game. That type game doesnt keep my interest for long. Astellia also made an anouncement.


I don’t know what to think of that game itself, but those Koreans … That’s some deidric prince’s level of crazy for sure…