Grinding Gear Games now has 120 staff members working on Path of Exile

It works!

Let’s not mince words: Path of Exile is a success story in the industry, and nowhere is that clearer in its road from inception to here. A recent status update posted wasn’t about new game systems, but about the state of the company, which (like many game studios) started in a founder’s garage. It already had expanded by the time the game launched into open beta to 25 team members (necessitating the rental of additional garages), but the studio is now up to 120 people making the best possible version of PoE.

If you’re wondering how the game can make use of that many people, the post also breaks down the size of its teams, ranging from the team’s one UI artist to the 18-person customer support team and every team size in between. So it’s also a chance to see how the game’s various parts work together to create an overall pleasant experience, even as the team goes large enough that the studio may need to work out of an entire car park! Or an office, we suppose. The garage thing might have lost its luster.


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