Wargaming is building a new ‘free-to-play multiplatform MMO’ in the UK

Undead tanks. Cool.
It looks as if Wargaming is planning to push even further into the MMO market.

According to GIbiz, the company known best for World of Tanks has opened up a brand-new studio in Guildford, UK, under the leadership of Sean Decker, whose credits in gaming are substantial; most recently, he did a tour of duty in EVE Online as senior VP at CCP Games.

We don’t really know much about this game or how MMOsy it will actually be, just that Wargaming is calling it an MMO – an “unannounced free-to-play multiplatform MMO title” – and it’s starting out with a 25-person team.

As GIbiz reminded us, Wargaming shut down its Seattle studio earlier this year, canceling 100 jobs; it was also building an unknown MMO.

Source: GIbiz
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Sally Bowls

IMO ‘free-to-play multiplatform MMO’ is redundant – why would it not be f2p and multiplatform for MMOs starting in ’18?

Shadex De'Marr

Old EvE Online dev eh? Well that can only mean one thing.



I was excited at first but then noticed Wargaming is calling World of Tanks an “MMO”, too. So this could be pretty much anything.


I mean, those three letters literally and semantically are for “Massively Multiplayer Online”. The “RPG” part is…well used to be…the thing that denotes creating a character to roam and explore a world. Usage of “MMO”, to me, just leaves the door open for any wacky idea a developer wants to fling out that allows more than 10 people to play in a shared space at a given time.

It’s like someone asking if you’d like a coke and then handing you a Dr. Pibb.


I don’t have a very good opinion of Wargaming as a company.

First of all, they use horrible monetization mechanics in all their games. You are basically forced to pay for a “premium” account if you want to compete in hightier matches (due to extensive repair and ammo costs, mostly) and without the extra experience gain from premium subscription most content is locked behind looong grinds (pay2progress). On top of that you more or less need to pay for additional “premium” tanks/ships/… to farm credits, too (Which cost 40-50€ a peice on T8).

Also they utilize terrible marketing strategies, one of which is introducing overpowered tanks, watching the whales pay money to get them asap and then after a couple of months nerfing the tanks beyong oblivion. This happened to a number of tanks in WoT, e.g. recently Object 268 (4).

Now if you’re willing to invest money (a lot of money, ctually) their games are pretty fun, I admit it, I’ve played both WoT and WoWs for thousands of matches.

But in the end their games are pretty bad money grabbing…

Sally Bowls

Although the latest Mingles with Jingles talked about a video where he complained about the WoT monetization. Many people agreed with him. He did say he saw far less of that in WoWS. He pointed out that WoWS is a subsidiary, not Wargimng itself.

One could argue – or not – it is more about WoT than ” Wargaming as a company.”
Or at least hope these “MMOs” are more like WoWS than WoT.

Hikari Kenzaki

Interesting. At least it’s not moving to a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse. That would be bad news for us all.