World of Warcraft kicks off its yearly harvest festival (which is not a harvest festival)

Everyone wants to feel like a hero. Sometimes there's not a hero moment.

It’s time for the annual harvest festival in World of Warcraft. Harvest festivals, of course, are a time when everyone comes together as a community, pulls crops out of the ground, and celebrates the bounty of the harvest with their neighbors. At least, in the real world. In WoW that’s apparently when everyone pays tribute to dead people. That’s… a little odd, but everyone has their own traditions.

Players who which to participate will need to head out to the Tomb of Uther on Alliance side or Hellscream Memorial on Horde side to pay tribute to each faction’s particular fallen hero figure. Pay your respects over the next week, and that’s it; it’s not a part of the larger holiday meta-achievement, just a part of the world. And if you’re wondering how this ties into harvesting crops and celebrating same, well, you’re not alone.

You can also check out the preview stream of the next patch later today, although given that “harvest festival” means nothing we can’t be sure “content update” doesn’t mean something strange.


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I tried very hard to enjoy bfa. The zones are the best in the game by far and to be honest I can look passed a lot of design flaws in new systems for the sake of fun. However, in some indescribable way they’ve managed to make the game considerably less fun than legion.

Argus was the first warning sign. What a trash heap experience hitched on forcing a rep grind for people that want to play allied races.

The invasion points are island expeditions only at least the invasions had a chance to give you gear and the possibility of a legendary dropping made it more palatable.

Warfronts feel like something old blizzard would’ve left on the cutting room floor but this team is so devoid of fresh ideas they’re clearly grabbing at anything.

I’d really hate to see what content wasn’t good enough for BfA.

Hopefully, they can salvage this expansion because the aesthetic is awesome!


Dear blizzard, please remember to add some lead-in to explain why your faction is assaulting that place called Uldir deep within Zandalar. Yes, I mean even if you don’t happen to be horde… that’s a thing too

Next time? Why, of course if you say so I’ll trust that….