Black Desert Online’s latest patch reworks Node War system, kicks off Beerfest event


This week’s Black Desert Online patch introduces changes to the game’s Node War system, marks the beginning of the three-week Beerfest in-game event, and implements a bevy of other fixes and tweaks. The biggest news in this patch is bound to be the alterations to Black Desert’s Node War system, which does away with the distinction between “Normal” and “Conquest” nodes and sets limits on the number of participants each guild can field per node tier.

In addition, from today, September 19th, until October 10th, players can take part in an in-game event to celebrate Beerfest, which introduces a new, limited-time craft-delivery mission that players can complete for a reward of silver and beer. What more could you ask for? To participate, players must first find an Imperial Craft Delivery Invoice, which can be acquired in a few different ways, then brew 50 beers through the cooking skill, package them all up, and deliver them to the Imperial Crafting Delivery NPCs scattered throughout the world. The full event details, along with the complete patch notes, can be found over at the game’s official site.

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Curious as an old bdo player, how are the node war changes being recieved?


assuming it’s same thing as what was deployed in korea. pretty badly

Yoshi Senpai

BDO right now is in a terrible spot for new players unless you want to dump literally thousands of dollars into the game to make the P2W costume melting viable.

Node war changes are universally hated. The class balance is terrible and it seems PA has stopped half way through balancing the classes. Then there is the renown system that makes people with better gear even more better because now they get extra stats on top of their bigger stats for reaching gear score milestones.