Secret World Legends has launched its new Occult Defense scenario

Secret World Legends’ latest content drop is here and live, Funcom tweeted this morning. We’re talking, of course, about the new scenario, Occult Defence, which the studio first teased for us at DragonCon and followed up with a video.

“The Council of Venice have agreed to utilize their virtual reality system for a new combat simulation: Occult Defence of Stonehenge. Your mission is deceptively simple: Defend the Hagstone, the ancient artifact laying at the heart of Stonehenge. This artifact draws power from the the world’s ley lines and works to conceal and protect Stonehenge and the Druids’ home from danger. Should the Hagstone’s integrity be compromised, it’s fission mailed – so keep it together!”

The key difference between the new scenario and the existing Seek and Preserve scenario is that players won’t be rescuing survivors or dealing with downtime intermissions; you’ll just be fighting waves of baddies to see how long you can survive.

The patch also includes the seasonal Envoys of Avalon event – head to Agartha to check that out – and a bunch of bug fixes. We’ll be streaming the new content on OPTV tomorrow night, so check back then!

Update from Funcom:

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It’s nice to have a bit of new content, but I’m finding the new scenario quite annoying – the megaliths make sightlines a pain (less so than the Castle, but more so than the Mansion and Hotel) and it’s a total DPS race, since at least in normal scenarios it’s (mostly) ok to have enemies near the NPCs you’re protecting as long as you’ve got their aggro.

Some cool lore though (scattered around Agartha/London/Venice/the scenario itself), and it’s great that the side mission giving event rewards is repeatable without a cooldown (albeit limited by scenario keys). The new agent looks neat too (once the bug’s fixed and we can actually claim him), I think this is the first agent we’ve had whose passive gives a bonus against a specific enemy type?