World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and other MMOs celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day


It’s time for everyone to once again pretend that saying “arr” after every sentence makes you sound like a nautical criminal, and internet culture being what it is, you probably aren’t surprised that games are getting in on Talk Like A Pirate Day celebration. Conan Exiles doesn’t have an event running, but it did encourage players to talk like a pirate just the same, so we’re going to count that as being cut from the same cloth. Same for The Elder Scrolls Online, while we’re at it.

On the other hand, if there was ever an expansion for World of Warcraft’s Pirate’s Day, this would be it. And yes, it’s a chance to join yet another crew of pirates for a lot of drinking and partying (rather than theft and murder). The Crystal Cove event has also returned to Dungeons & Dragons Online, offering up a pirate-themed adventure for the day.

Have you seen other piratical events spreading through the online game space? Give us a heads-up down in the comments!

Source: Conan, WoW, DDO; thanks to DDOCentral for the tip!

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This is accompanied by Bad Pirate Joke Day. :P

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Legend Of Vinny T

Talk Like A Pirate Day is so confusing for Pittsburghers. This year, I don’t know whether to adopt a bad West Country accent like the rest of the world, or cuss out an umpire in English, Spanish, and Italian like Francisco Cervelli did the other night arguing balls and strikes.


Boggles me to no end they did not add something specific themed after the new expansion at blizzard… you have an entire continent of buccaneers with endless pirate coves and what have you and not adding a… something, mini event, whatever in kul ‘tiras?

Let’s be honest, the scallywags in booty bay look like wannabees by now


For offline gaming, Sid Meier’s Pirates! switches to TLAPD mode every year. I started playing this morning without knowing what day it was and got a reminder right away:


LOTRO had a talk like a pirate day event on the Brandywine river, if memory serves. You could get a pirate hat by doing some quest(s).