Check out the animations and look of Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Wood Elf

Well, there are woods. There might be an elf or two in there.

A new race added to an existing game likeĀ Dungeons & Dragons Online is a big deal, and it leaves players with lots of important questions. What can the new race do? What are its specific racial boosts? What does it look like when it dances? Fortunately, DDO Players has taken a look at the upcoming new Wood Elf race, and now you can see everything the race will have to offer in video format. All of your dance animation-related wishes have come true!

The videos also cover character creation and race enhancements, which are probably a bit more important than dance animations. Probably. Check out the full set below if you can’t wait until update 40 is live to dive into your wood elf options; we’ll hardly blame you for it. Who doesn’t want to have a character already created by the time the game patches?

Source: DDO Players; thanks to Phil for the tip!
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