RIFT Prime is preparing for the Storm Legion expansion


RIFT’s progression server is about ready to go where this MMO has only gone once before: into Storm Legion.

On October 3rd, the subscription-only Prime server will break out of vanilla content and into the first of RIFT’s three expansions. Storm Legion greatly expanded the game’s territory with the two continents of Brevane and Dusken. There’s plenty more to be had, too, with seven new dungeons, three raids, a giant armored world boss, another crafting tier, and a level cap increase to 60. There’s also a dragon who likes to masquerade as a mostly naked supermodel, but that’s just there to draw in the truly discerning crowd.

Trion Worlds will be hosting a launch day livestream for Storm Legion on the 3rd. Players who tune in have a shot at grabbing the Raiment of the Storm Queen bundle as a bonus.

Source: Press release

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Did they ever fix the experience issues with the leveling experience or do you still have to grind mobs to move forward to get new quests, I only worry because I don’t want to have to grind those non story quests to progress like it was when Storm Legion first launched?