SCUM celebrates a million sales with a golden gun


It turns out a lot of people are eager to play a survival game wherein the players are questionably moral going into the arena. SCUM is a survival game filled with convicts all beating the snot out of one another, and it’s proven popular enough to pass a million copies sold in less than a month on early access. To celebrate, the game has added a new golden Desert Eagle pistol to the game in the “prison wallet” (if you’re thinking of the joke from Deadpool 2, you are entirely correct and it’s going to be unpleasant).

Players who have purchased the game’s Supporter Pack will also get a watch, which currently just tells the time but will have additional functions in the future. This coincides with a small patch which adds a silver version of the Desert Eagle into the world, balances several performance elements, and fixes some bugs along the way. That should be fun for everyone enjoying their prison survival playground.

Source: Steam page
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