WildStar announces Boss Hunter Challenge event

Can't or won't?

Despite the sad news that WildStar and its creator Carbine Studios are shutting down, the game isn’t dead yet, and there are still nasty critters that need killin’. Starting tomorrow, September 21st, until September 28th, WildStar players can undertake the Boss Hunter Challenge, which tasks players with taking down as many world bosses or legendary champions as they possibly can.

Each world boss or legendary champion will drop a shiny token that can be turned in, along with a lockbox key, to a vendor in each capital city in exchange for a Lucky Lopp Lockbox, which has a chance to contain a variety of prizes including gold, service tokens, cosmetics, and more. For the duration of the event, the number of Progenitor Access Particles required to spawn each world boss has been reduced, and legendary champions will spawn much more frequently. You can check out the full event details on the game’s official site, or scroll below for a recap of our coverage of the game’s imminent sunsetting.

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