Dual Universe details upcoming improvements to Lua scripting system


One of the key selling points of Novaquark’s upcoming self-billed “civilization building MMO” Dual Universe is the insane degree of customization it provides players in creating and configuring their starfaring vessels, which can be tweaked and fine-tuned by way of Lua scripts. A recent update from the dev team dives into some of the improvements coming to the Lua scripting system that the game has in place.

The update is full of technical details for players who are interested in them, but for those of you who just want the high-level overview, here’s the deal: As it stands, when a player creates a ship, the actions that ship can take — from movement to using widgets — are determined by “a set of automatically generated Lua scripts,” which is referred to as “autoconfigure,” or “autoconf” for short. Up until now, the autoconf was the same for all flying constructs, and if players had set up custom scripts for previous constructs, they had to manually copy them over to any new ships.

Starting on September 20th, however, that will no longer be the case, as the new r0.12 version of the game will include an all-new, fully customizable autoconf system. According to the post, “It will be able to apply different autoconf configurations, called ‘schemas,’ to varying types of cockpits,” and “[players] will also be able to apply [their] own autoconf schemas to any ship of [their] choice via a simple contextual menu. In short,” it says, “that means the super mouse-controlled, dynamic flying system that you’ve created can be duplicated and exchanged with friends with ease!” The rest of the post takes a deep dive into how exactly players can go about creating their own autoconf schemas, so if that’s your cup of tea, you can check out the full details on the game’s official site.

Source: Official site. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!
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Kevin McCaughey

I would like to know more about this title, but the web page is not great at explaining what it is. They should give out far more info as I think this is a title a LOT of people will have an interest in.


Also, there are some early, decent you tube videos out there from the devs


This looks exciting. Cant wait for launch day/.
On an alpha & beta strike right now.
trying to re-capture that old “first day” feeling in games