Elder Scrolls Legends’ huge ‘ground-up’ reboot is happening next week


Remember back in May when Bethsoft announced it was nixing its partnership with Dire Wolf Digital and bringing in a brand-new studio to work on Elder Scrolls Legends? Not only that, but the new studio, Sparkypants, was apparently on track to heavily reboot the game from the ground-up, with a graphics overhaul and console port tacked on for flavor.

Bethsoft announced this week that the relaunch is coming soon: on Tuesday, September 25th, in fact; a 24-hour downtime window is planned. “As Sparkypants rebuilt Legends from the ground up with all-new code, the magnitude of this update is immense,” the studio says. “While we’re confident you’re going to love the final product, our goal is always transparency.”

The accompanying FAQ says the game will see a “new user interface, new gameboard, new and improved animations, increased gameplay speed, revamped card frames, new premium card animation and an improved tutorial experience” as well as a “significantly leaner” client for mobile. The gameplay, however, is expected to stay “identical,” no progress on existing clients will be wiped, there are no new cards or card tweaks, tournament mode has been disabled, and the ranked season will still go on until the end of the month.

Bethsoft is planning a stream today at 4 p.m. EDT, just as this post goes live, to show off the changes; you can watch along below.

We ducked back into the game not that long ago to check on its progress:


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Looking forward to a reboot. Hoping we get some interesting new cards. From the streamers that have tried the new ui it should be great.


I’m sorry, but all I’m thinking is ‘why’?

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Who knows, the changes might be substantial enough to draw me back to TSO. That said, what kind of a silly name for a dev studio is ‘Sparkypants’??? ;)


There’s probably a story there somewhere, although I’m not sure I want to know what it is….