NCSoft announces Lineage II Classic server coming October 3rd

A straight line.

Old-school MMO fans might want to pack their bags because next month, NCSoft is gonna take everyone on a nostalgia trip back to the halcyon days of the early 2000s with the launch of Lineage II Classic. Releasing as a new server type within the current Lineage II client, Classic servers will retain “Many of the graphical and technical improvements that players enjoy in Lineage II today,” but “the available races, classes, leveling experience, and systems are reminiscent of an era before the release of Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction.”

MMO gamers will recall that classic versions of the game already exist for European and Russian regions; this will be a first in North America under NCsoft’s banner.

Upon Classic’s release on October 3rd, players will be able to experience Lineage II in all its original, grindy glory. As far as available content goes, the official FAQ states that “the initial Classic release will not have the Olympiad, Castle, or Fortress Sieges, or permanent Clan Hall auctions — though several of these features will be released over the course of future updates.”

Initially, the level cap on Classic servers will be 70, and many of the more recent features from Lineage II will be nixed to retain fidelity to the old days: “Stats like Luck (LCK) and Charisma (CHA) will not exist in Classic, and the Auction House system, Vitality system, and Noblesse/Exalted status have been removed.”

Like the live version of Lineage II, Classic will be free-to-play with in-game cash shops. NCSoft has released a short teaser trailer for the occasion, which you can see below, or you can head to the game’s official forums for the full details on Classic in the official FAQ.

Source: Official site via PC Gamer. Thanks, Picante and Brian!
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