World of Warcraft cracks open a cold one with this year’s Brewfest, WoW player multiboxes with 26 accounts


October is just around the corner, and World of Warcraft players know what that means: Brewfest! Yes, everyone’s favorite booze-centric celebration returns for another year, bringing with it a slew of festivities including wolpertinger chasing, ram racing, and of course storming the Grim Guzzler and brutally murdering dozens of bar patrons for trinkets and a shot at exclusive Brewfest mounts.

Completing the various Brewfest daily quests will, as usual, reward players with Brewfest prize tokens which can be redeemed for a variety of delightful prizes, including Brewfest outfits, battle pets, heirloom upgrades, and of course subscriptions to the prestigious Brew of the Month club. Achievement hunters will also have plenty on their plates, as the event brings with it a slew of new achievements related to the festivities, and completing all of them will earn players the Brewmaster meta-achievement and title.

Meanwhile, MOP reader Sally tipped us a Twitch clip of a WoW player multiboxing – successfully! – with 26 different accounts. He’s got 25 Hunters farming, then he’s using the last toon to win at the auction hall. Trust me, whatever you’re doing in MMOs this weekend is not nearly as hardcore as this, scrub.

Source: Official site, WoWHead. Thanks, Sally!
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