Former BioWare GM joins SpatialOS creator Improbable


According to a recent article published by Gamasutra, British tech company Improbable has hired former BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn to help expand its new Edmonton, Alberta office. Improbable is primarily known for its SpatialOS game-development platform, which is notably being used by developer Bossa Studios to create its upcoming craft-and-build sandbox MMO Worlds Adrift, among other MMORPGs.

Flynn, noted in the company’s press release as “a key player in the development of the hugely critically and commercially successful Dragon Age and Mass Effect video game franchises,” joins Improbable’s first Canadian office, which “will build tools that will be available to developers using SpatialOS, to make it easier to develop using SpatialOS across a wide range of game types.” Of the SpatialOS platform, Flynn says, “I believe that SpatialOS is going to transform how people make and play games,” adding, “We have some plans for our next steps, and we’re looking forward to talking more about them as they grow.”

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If they can pull this off I think it will be a big money-maker. I think we are going to have more and more people wanting to join online worlds and having a good baseplate for devs will really help.

But we will see if they can keep the tech up to speed. My only concern is if they end up spending more on sales-people than backbone tech.

Sometimes once the money people start to see $$$ a company can lose focus.

If they end up bamboozling anybody by not being ready when they said they would be they will have some big, angry customers.


“a key player in the development of the hugely critically and commercially successful Dragon Age and Mass Effect video game franchises,”

Is he well known? This is the first I’m hearing of him.

Kevin McCaughey

I’d like to see a good expose on SpatialOS and what it does.

Nynja Squirrelle

It’s an interesting prospect in theory, but with Worlds Adrift I know they’ve had issues ironing out some fairly hefty lag issues in game, load-lag, rubber banding etc. Is that the downside to this cloud-based system, or more about the claim to be able to blend different game engines, I’m not sure.


Andrew has been covering it. It looks very promising, but it still has some hurdles to overcome. Look for Andrews interviews with John Roper. They get into the details.

For what it is worth, IMO, it is still costly for Indies to jump into Spatial because of the number of servers required to manage different aspects of a game. If they can streamline the net side and keep the functionality then I think Spatial OS may truly be the answer to immersive MMO worlds.