SoulWorker update introduces the new and challenging Primal Raid


A brand-new challenge awaits players of Gameforge’s anime-action MMO SoulWorker, as its latest update introduced the new Primal Raid. Billed in the official press release as “the game’s toughest task so far,” the Primal Raid invites players to “embrace their inner anime-teenage heroes,” which seems somewhat questionable, but hey. The raid requires a group of at least four players to enter, with a maximum of eight, and players must have completed “all initial raid quests and the Golden Citadel” before they’ll be granted entry. Players who manage to best the raid will of course be handsomely rewarded with powerful new gear.

The update also brings with it two new in-game events: The Fight the Primal event challenges the hardest of hardcore players to clear the Primal Raid three, five, and finally ten times, while the Visit the Rookie Raids event is perfect for aspiring raiders, as it requires players to complete “each or all four Rookie raids up to fifteen times . . . to unlock subsequent rewards like boosters and housing items.” For a look at what the Primal Raid has in store, scroll on down for the official trailer.

Source: Press Release

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