Star Wars Galaxies emulator Empire in Flames is launching its post-Endor PvP system


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a column about my return to Star Wars Galaxies on the Legends server, an NGE emulator for the long-gone but still beloved sandbox. And some of our commenters flipped out. The NGE was an abomination, they said. Why would you want to play any version of that!? Classic forever!

Welp, get your nostalgia back on because yet another SWG emu – I told you there were dozens! – is gearing up for a big update, complete with a trailer. Empire in Flames is the name of this one, and it’s a custom server that’s been running for over a year, with a blend of NGE and pre-CU mechanics, a custom profession system, an anti-urban-sprawl housing system, a ton of new races, and a post-Endor setting.

The update centers on a rebuilt Galactic Civil War, which vets will recall was the lore-and-score backbone of the TEF-based PvP system. This version includes planetary political systems and planetary invasions “coming soon.”

“GCW battles are designed with tangible goals, strict timelines, and PvP rewards – it’s designed to be a focused, fast-paced experience that rewards planning and teamwork,” the developers write in their new Q&A. “Oh, and combat walkers that players pilot into battle! Walkers allow those who normally don’t enjoy PvP to get involved. […] At launch, non-combat characters are useful both in providing equipment – rocket launchers, for example, are critical – and healing during invasions as combat and death begins to accumulate wounds and battle fatigue. We have further plans to allow non-combat characters (and characters who can’t participate in invasions directly) to both help their faction and acquire war fame, but that system isn’t ready at GCW launch.”

Plus there’s this beauty.

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