WRUP: Your children are safe with me, Entirely Avoidable Hazard Man! edition

Here we go.

Hello, parents! There’s no need to be alarmed, it’s just me, your friendly neighborhood superhero! And you’ve no need to fret; your children are completely safe with me, Entirely Avoidable Hazard Man! With me around, your children won’t hurt themselves by tripping and falling, they’ll hurt themselves due to the variety of hazardous materials and environments that could be quickly removed if I had expended even the slightest effort to think about it!

First, let’s go for a ride in my wonderful knife car, filled with haphazard razor blades, jagged metal, sharpened dashboard, and possibly some expired bottles of fruit juice. Then they can enter my Lair of Ignored Building Codes, complete with rickety staircases that lack railings, open holes which could easily be covered by the tipping pile of lumber nearby, and exposed nails and wires! We can go trick-or-treating together, when I take them to visit my neighbors who only give unwrapped candy and unhygenic fruit!

So rest easy, parents, because Entirely Avoidable Hazard Man is on the case in my bright costume which strobes intermittently to trigger epileptic fits. Please, let us know how safe you feel in the comments here on What Are You Playing.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): I have a lot, but I’ll be trying to get more/better Mewtwo in Pokemon Go this weekend since it’ll be so much more common. Oh, and Chikarita for community day will happen, I guess. I haven’t subscribed to Nintendo’s new (required for online play) system, but I do kind of want to hit some Splatoon 2. We’ll see what happens.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Definitely doing some Star Wars Galaxies, and I want to go get some fall stuff done, not that it feels like fall out there. I wish more MMOs did fall as an experience, not just Halloween. I should really branch out to some other games. Maybe when our workload lessens, I will go back to Guild Wars 2; I’d really like to play through the season now. So like, November.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): I’ve finished the main push of new story content in Final Fantasy XIV, but I’ve still got plenty more to do with the new patch and on alts, so that’ll be my main focus. Probably some other lighter stuff here and there.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): It’s a busy weekend for me, so probably not much gaming. I am trying to wrap up some tricky Northern Mirkwood quests in Lord of the Rings Online to make progress in that zone, and I do need to get a whole bunch of Drustvar quests done in World of Warcraft to unlock world quests.

Your turn!

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Spider-Man for PS4 has me hooked, so no MMO at the moment. The only games I have ever really finished are Pokemon Soul Silver, Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon X, and Injustice 2, and even then there is still a lot I can do in those games if I want to. I intend to add Spider-Man to that list and I will not rest until I have completed every aspect of that game. Well, I mean I’ll rest, but I will not waver.

In my downtime, I’ve got a few mobile games on Bluestacks to mess around with.

And while not gaming related, I am watching the 2nd season of Ironfist and I am loving it. Sadly, I promised my father I’d watch it with him and he only wants to watch one episode a day if even.

Probably due to Spider-Man, Marvel Strike Force, and Iron Fist, I am really missing Marvel Heroes. I wish Marvel/Disney would give Trion Worlds the license and that Trion Worlds would bring back the game. I wouldn’t even care if that means starting from scratch,

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Have you ever gotten a sudden desire to play a specific game, and then played it like mad?

That’s what happened to me this past week. I was really enjoying the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, so I just kept playing more, and more, and more of it. I barely touched my other games last week.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that rush of enthusiasm for a specific game. Always fun when it comes along and reminds you that you can still find games very entertaining.

Take care of yourself, and each other. We like seeing you here!

blah blazh

Tomb Raider and Guild Wars 2. The new LS update is the best one in the history of the game in my opinion. It is really well done.

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Eliot, your super hero reminds me of a short story I read about a super-hero whose power was to clean things. He’d get emergency calls from people expecting reletives to suddenly visit or last-minute dinner parties and he’d clean everything in minutes. Pretty quickly, he got tired of very lazy people calling him, rather than doing their own chores. In the end, he turned villain, leaving behind spotless houses with gleaming white skeletons of once-lazy people. :D


I’ve reinstalled FFXIV, since i still haven’t finished the main storyline for Stormblood. I’m getting there though, and the game kinda feels fresh after not playing for many months.

I’ve also checked out Bless Online again to see if there have been any improvements. There are currently less than 1000 concurrent players online as per steam charts, and the game still feels and plays as clunky as during launch. Sad, really, as this was one of the games i was looking forward to the most waaaay back in the day…

I might be checking out some single player games too to break the monotony. AC: Origins is still on the menu, as is Cities: Skyline, Curse of the Monkey Island (i don’t remember ever finishing this one), and maybe some SC2.. We’ll see..

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Jack Pipsam

Planetside 2 mostly.


I’ve been working on Summerset, then I’ve debated whether to take an alt through Path of Fire and Season 4 or to roll my first Alt in ESO since a bought the Imperial Race a week ago. I’ve got to remember to cancel my WoW sub that I haven’t touched in almost 3 weeks.


So, after working my ass off and then meandering a bit lost (too tired to game etc.), I’m back in the Blade & Soul groove leveling the new Warrior Warden class.

Wow! So much fun. He or she is a cross between a Paladin and a Bezerker that tanks.

But what sealed the deal is that if you get your Warden to cap during the latest event, you immediately get a tier 2 legendary weapon among other legendary items. You skip the entire first legendary grind which includes 10 stages. It is insane! Lol. Yah-Yeet!

Here is how I feel at the moment including my lowbie Warden.

Pull back.jpg
Hikari Kenzaki

Guild Wars 2 is where I spent a good bit of time this week. There was a bug that prevented me from getting my roller beetle mount. So, we had just gotten that on Sunday.

Just in time for Guild Wars 2 S4E4 to come out and break all the hearts of all the people. Amazingly good episode.

And of course all the really fun stuff we did this week in Secret World Legends (You were watching OPTV weren’t you?)


It’s a storming, soaking-wet weekend so I’m likely just going to curl up in bed and sleep/watch tv. But CrossCode just released from Early Access so I might give it a try.

I’ve also, for the moment, returned to Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I keep running into people talking about the new “Golden Country” DLC and it’s made me curious to return to the main game. And I will admit, despite the game committing the unforgivable sin of “it gets better later”, XBC2 is getting more interesting and fun. For now, I still consider it the weakest of the Xenoblade games by a very wide margin, but my buyer’s remorse isn’t quite as strong as it was before. Still crossing my fingers for Xenoblade Chronicles X getting a Switch port.

I might also catch up on Village quests on MHGU. One thing I certainly do not miss from the older Monster Hunter games is the separation between Village and Hub quests. I still have fun, but I vastly prefer playing MH with other people instead of going solo, but I gotta keep up with the solo game so I’m not behind when it comes to useful services and whatnot.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone has a good weekend.