Players are apparently trying to save Pirates of the Burning Sea, so Portalus delayed its sunset


Earlier this month, we delivered the sad news that Portalus Games’ Pirates of the Burning Sea was due to sunset at the end of September. Portalus told players the company was losing its primary coder, leaving nobody to maintain the game and avoid an “expected and unannounced shut down due to server software failures.” Consequently, the studio planned to make a clean break. But it also offered the game up to any player-led non-profit corporation willing to take over the title and keep it running for the players.

This week, Portalus announced it’ll keep the servers going as long as it can, even past that planned sunset date, specifically because the community is working on a takeover.

“There is a community based effort on going to keep the servers available after Portalus intended operation end on September 30th,” it writes. “We at Portalus will keep the servers on for the community until a new operator for the game is found as long as the community can meet the minimum payment for the servers.” Good luck, folks!

Source: Official site. Cheers, Ethan!

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Aluminum Man

Never have played it but I know how this feels – good luck!

David Goodman

I’ve always been fond of the game even if I was never any good at it and couldn’t get into it. Best of luck to everyone trying to keep the ol’ battleship afloat

Oleg Chebeneev

We need AAA MMO with carribean setting

Kickstarter Donor
Loyal Patron
Jack Pipsam

Now that’s a developer who really cares!
Awesome outcome.


I’m super glad that they’re trying to save the game. It’s really fun, and fits a niche that not a lot of games operate within.

Does not check email

best of luck, you plucky lil bastards.


Oh, this is dying already?

Yuge McBigly

Already? It’s 10 years old.

Patreon Donor

that’s really cool. hope they find a new operator.