Check out the range of Crowfall’s environmental music

It's fine.

The music of a game can do a lot for the environment. Some of the music for Crowfall has been in the wild for quite some time, like its main theme or its combat tunes, but the latest spotlight on the official site is about music that’s being used to set a mood and a scene. There are two tracks being shown off, and they give a good sense of the range at work within the title.

The first is meant to be the early music played when players arrive at the beachhead of a campaign world, something invigorating to inspire player action. (Harvesting actions, admittedly, but the idea is there.) At the other end of the spectrum is the music of night in the depth of winter, when the Hunger has all but consumed the world. Go ahead and take a listen if you’re curious to see how just a musical track can convey a great deal of the environment on its own.