MapleStory 2 updates exchange rates for NX currency in Europe


Money! You need it, you like it, you use it to buy NX in MapleStory 2 for all sorts of fun microtransaction stuff. But a careful examination of exchange rates has led the development team to the inescapable conclusion that players deserve more for their euros, and thus players will get more NX for the same amount of money after September 27th. Five euros will get you 5750 NX instead of 5000, for example. So if you live in Europe, hold off on purchases for a bit longer.

Unless, of course, you specifically live in Britain. If that’s the case, you’ll want to get in your purchases now, as the package of NX sold for five pounds is dropping from 7000 NX to 6500 NX. We assume there’s a trenchant Brexit reference in there somewhere. Regardless of whether you want to buy now or wait to buy, the changes are rolling out on September 27th, so you’ve got a little time to make the necessary adjustments to your schedule.