Rend’s Early Access Patch 5 tweaks creature taming, movement, and more


Today, Frostkeep Studios’s crafting-survival game Rend is introducing Early Access Patch 5, which brings with it “important changes to creature taming and movement along with other bug fixes reported by the Rend community.” The aforementioned changes to creature taming seems primarily to do with the taming progress decay rate, which is now set to “1% of the required tame value for that creature per second.” In short, the patch notes say, this will “effectively [require] taming tools that match the tier of the target creature.”

The patch also introduces camera shake while firing weapons as well as smoother character animations when a player rapidly changes directions, to name only a couple of the more major entries on the list of additions and alterations. The devs also state in the patch notes that the release of Patch 5 “marks a shift in our patch deploy cadence from smaller yet more rapid changelists to less frequent yet larger patches with more significant game changes.” And last, but not least, players can also expect the Rend’s official Early Access roadmap, which “will detail major gameplay changes in broad categories that we intend to introduce by December” to be published sometime next week, with the devs estimating that it’ll be ready for public viewing by Thursday.

Source: Patch Notes
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