TERA announces Dark Reaches update, rolls out Reach Your Apex event


Next month, En Masse Entertainment will be releasing the next major update for its free-to-play action-combat MMO TERA. Titled Dark Reaches, the update will bring the second round of Apex skills for level 65 Archers, Gunners, Ninjas, Reapers, Sorcerers, and Valkyries. To help players prepare for the upcoming Apex content, En Masse is holding a multi-week event called Reach Your Apex, which will be rolled out in “three separate stages” over the coming weeks.

Stage one of the Reach Your Apex event begins today, September 25th, and it’s all about helping players climb through the ranks to max level: “Our goal is to get you to level 65 in whatever class you choose,” the event page says, “so that when the new Apex content arrives, you’ll be that much better prepared to start your journey.” While the event is on, players will receive special rewards such as crystalbinds, potions, and temporary mounts for hitting certain level milestones.

Reaching level 65 during the event will net players a Twistshard Free-65 Box, which contains “a complete set of Twistshard armor and weapon, including a Guardian Mask and a Cleansing Brooch.” The event will continue over the next few weeks, with details about stage two being announced on October 2nd, and details about stage three (and new dungeons) will be announced on October 9th, so stay tuned to see what En Masse has in store.

Source: Press Release, Official Site