Warframe introduces new Chroma Prime Warframe and new prime weapons

Friend and entertainer to all.

Developer Digital Extremes has announced the arrival of the powerful elemental frame Chroma Prime in its free-to-play space-ninja shooter Warframe. Chroma Prime, “known as the elemental lord of ruin,” is a powerful new Warframe that is “capable of altering his damage output by changing his energy color,” allowing him to dish out fire, ice, electric, or poison damage as the situation requires.

Along with the new prime Warframe, which is the game’s 22nd prime frame and its 58th overall, the update also adds two new prime weapons: the Rubico Prime sniper rifle and the Gram Prime heavy blade. Players can get their hands on Chroma Prime and the new prime weapons either through the in-game relic-hunting system or by shelling out real-world cash for a Prime Access Pack, which also contains “new, exclusive cosmetics,” among other goodies. Chroma Prime and the new prime weapons are available on both the PC and console versions of the game.

Source: Press Release
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