World of Warships prepares submarines for a Halloween event and the game in general

This... should be fine.

It makes sense to include submarines as part of a Halloween event for World of Warships. After all, there’s nothing else that so perfectly encapsulates terror on the high seas; submarines are effectively spectral predators on the open water in naval engagements. But the addition of these ships isn’t limited to a simple holiday event, as their inclusion here marks the rollout of submarines into the game as a whole.

Submarines mark the addition of depth as a gameplay mechanic while also offering a new avenue for players to explore; players will need to manage the ship’s depth and remaining oxygen while being aware that subs are quite vulnerable above the water. There are also plans for an aircraft carrier rework to have a more action-based gameplay experience rather than the attempts at strategy in the middle of an action game. But we know that your focus is going to be on submerging and launching torpedos, so why not enjoy the extensive gallery and video just below?

Source: press release

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Aluminum Man

Not sure I need another source of near-invisible torpedo launches to dodge but it does seem completely right for a Halloween thing

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Rogues by any other name…

Chris Mc

Nice. I was hoping they’d get subs in at some point!