ARK Survival Evolved plots 100-man PvP Conquest servers


It’s not exactly battle royale, but it’s got some of the same flavor. We’re talking, of course, about ARK Survival Evolved’s new Conquest servers, which Studio WildCard announced this week. Think of them as official servers with higher player counts, boosted experience rates, and a focus on large-scale PvP.

“In contrast to our successful 6-man tribes servers, Conquest will focus on big tribes (25=player limit per tribe) and big battles. In order to fuel this large-scale fight these servers will have 2x rates compared to other official servers (unaffected by Evolution Events). This will allow tribes to build up faster, gain experience faster, raise, breed, and tame creatures faster, allow more focus directly on battling other tribes. The servers will also be capped at 100 players per server instead of 70. Server transfers will be enabled between servers within the cluster. There will be 36 servers total within the cluster, offering all map types to play on. This batch of Conquest servers will provide a fertile grounds for big tribes to come and play!”

Players on the forums and Reddit are already buzzing about lag and fragmenting the playerbase. As for the next DLC? Wildcard says it’s “very focused on Extinction,” which will include its own servers.

Source: Official forums, press release
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without any win condition, how is this any different than regular ark minus a few extra players and accelerated rates?