Fortnite is the first test subject as Sony begins working on cross-platform play

Someone won.

Get out your jazz hands and your “it’s happening” t-shirts because yes, Sony is working on cross-platform play across the board. (We’ll just ignore the games that already have it; they don’t count.) The announcement specifically notes this as part of an evolving brand strategy and that the first test game for a cross-platform experience will be Fortnite because of course it will.

There are no details on exactly what the cross-platform play will allow or how it will be handled, but the announcement stresses that it will be handled with an eye toward preserving both the core technical experience and providing the best possible play experience on the PlayStation 4. It’s a big win for anyone who wants to shoot at friends on Fortnite while said friends are on mobile platforms, then.

Meanwhile, Fortnite teased its next season with a picture of what appears to be not simply a wolf but also a man, which leads to the inevitable conclusion that season 6 will include incredibly strange creatures who stopped being just humans and became mixed-up man-wolves. There should be a term for that.

Source: PlayStation Blog; thanks to Steve for the tip!
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