Gloria Victis tweaks open-world PvP for small guilds, allows leveling via PvP


Just the other day I was noting how few MMORPGs allow you to level your character through PvP – usually, PvP is still treated as a sidegame or at best some sort of horizontal mode tangent to the real grind game in PvE. Gloria Victis is adding itself to the short list this week with its new update that doubles experience gained in open-world PvP and duel arenas. Not too shabby.

Open-world PvP itself is getting a bit of an overhaul, plus there’s a new worker system that adds a bit of RTS-flair to the MMO.

“First of all: we have changed Twinfall and Leaktown into guild castles, also we have introduces two new, much smaller guild forts – Lublin and Norfolk – to fight for, creating some space for smaller guilds. We have also introduced a new workers system! From now on, alive workers in guild-controlled locations will produce resources over time which can be taken by a guild ruling given province, or with force by enemies.”

Finally, Black Eye Games has patched in a new feature that allows players to change their main server once a week, though do note that when you play off your main server, you can’t snag flag bonuses or loot worker chests.

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