Guild Wars 2’s community debates the (unintentionally?) high cost of new living world armor


Hey economy fiends. Got a fun one for you over in Guild Wars 2 this week. You’ll recall that last week’s living world update including beautiful Requiem and Elegy armor sets, the former highly prized with its animated glow. Yay, cool cosmetic gear, right? Well, the Guild Wars 2 community is definitely happy about that part – but less happy about how it’s crafted, or more specifically, how rare some of its component bits turn out to be.

The component in question is called the Superior Sigil of Nullification. As one of the more detailed Reddit posts on this topic lays out in clear detail, while there are plenty of other expensive materials going into the crafting of this armor, the sigil is so much rarer and used at such a high rate in this armor that its going rate on the market has skyrocketed to 400 times its pre-patch value. It basically went from being vendor trash for mid-level characters to being something that only a very small number of folks can afford – making this new armor set more expensive than some legendary armor itself.

A second thread estimates that only around 1250 people have managed to unlock the armor so far, based on the number of sigils sold throughout the game in the last week, which again seems a bit weird for armor that is 1) not legendary, 2) fashion wars fodder, and 3) kind of a headline feature of a living story episode intended for everyone to play. It’s simply not clear whether the decision to use this particular sigil for crafting was an oversight or an intentional attempt to limit the armor’s circulation (or get people to farm level 67 gear again? maybe? but probably not?).

Not everyone is grumpily whipping out phone calculators to point out how Guild Wars 2’s economy is broken once again; other folks are noting that given a year’s time, the economy for sigils should sort itself out; claiming that people are just being lazy and cheap (yes, it literally devolved into a “no-lifer” fight); and insisting it’s a justified gold sink (though sigils are actually a bad gold sink, being indirect through AH fees at best). One person even points out that ArenaNet may wind up scrapping future episodic sets like this if people shy away from the grind and the expense. Either way, it’s not clear what if anything ArenaNet means to do it about it, and it’s unlikely to do anything for at least another week.

Remember back when all we had to argue about was the price of butter? Good times.

Source: Official forums, Reddit, more Reddit. With thanks to Mordyjuice!

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Oh look, more things I will never unlock because I don’t have the time or connections to get items that go from incredibly common to incredibly rare and expensive. Must be nice to be in the testing group and know what items are about to become incredibly valuable the moment a patch releases.

Axetwin .

Of course the hot new (and rare) thing is super expensive in the auction house. As time goes on, and things become more plentiful, the price will slowly come down. I realize GW2 makes for a good “baby’s first MMO”, but I refuse to believe MOST of the players here haven’t experienced this same kind of economic shift in other games.


The price isn’t a big deal, you can grind the gold out in Instan and Silver Wastes, the problem is the scarcity and lack of supply that will prevent people from making this set even if the put the effort in to grind the gold.


I’m fine with increasing the prices of sigils in general, and i’m fine with the auction house as a gold sink. I’d rather have sustainable gold sinks than one-off purchases.

Where this goes wrong with the prices of sigils is it’s only the mid tier, major sigils that will be raised (assuming people now mystic forge them to get superior sigils) while the superior sigils themselves (which people actually want while playing) will be devalued and many of them will remain junk, while others could become junk.

Additionally, this will just encourage random hoarding again, which the game got away from with the rework to legendary weapons.

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I know I was planning to unlock the armor…but like hell I’m going to bother with the upgrade for these prices. This is such a nonsensical decision for the community at large, but I guess the handful of folks who snapped up all the sigils early (IIRC some guy got 50K of them right outta the gate before prices changed) are making a killing off it at least : |

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I was excited about the armor– medium with no trenchcoat and light with actual trousers!– and unlocked it quickly. Once I found out the upgrade requirements, though… they can stuff themselves with those silly sigils. I’m not buying. ;P

It’s absolutely ridiculous that legendary armor costs less and ascended costs far, far less than some exotic collection skins. It’s my hope that Anet introduces a crafting method for the sigils. They can time gate it with the new map currency or something.