Star Wars: The Old Republic has delayed its 5.9.3 Fame and Fortune patch

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So you were originally supposed to Hutt, Hutt, hike your way over to Star Wars: The Old Republic today for the latest development in the field of intergalactic sports, as BioWare planned to introduce a new Huttball arena to the game with Game Update 5.9.3 to keep this PvP game mode fresh and sluggy. But unfortunately, the update has been delayed a week.

“To ensure the highest quality play experience, the SWTOR team has decided to delay the launch of Game Update 5.9.3: ‘Fame and Fortune’ to next Tuesday, October 2nd. Thank you for your continued support and see you in the ‘Sky Shredder’ Warzone next week!

“Set in an abandoned industrial complex above a large ravine, the new ‘Sky Shredder’ Warzone pits two cross-faction teams of eight, the Frog-Dogs and Rotworms, in a ruthless battle for fame and fortune,” the studio has previously said. “Your team’s mission is simple. Grab the ball, throw the ball and work together to take it over the opposing team’s line to score points. At every turn, you’ll have to watch out for deadly pillars of acid fire, electric shock traps and poison gas.”

Turning its back on years of studio policy regarding exploits, BioWare said that cheating is “highly encouraged” in this arena. So be sure to use that as your excuse when you’re petitioning a GM to overturn your ban once the patch does go live next week.

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Hey now – give the 5 Devs still working on SWToR (and not on Anthem) at EA…err I mean “BioWare” a break. ;)


Duh I can’t recall a single patch since iokath hit live realms that did -not- get delayed and postponed, even if slightly… and that was well over a year ago

I suppose they are either really bad at gauging their productivity or they throw dates at random to adjust as they near the goal?


Of course they are going to delay. The dozen or so white knights on the forums rally behind any delay as the best thing ever and accuse anyone who disagree of being ungrateful or spoiled or whatever.

If every time they delay an update (which has been every time in the last 1 and a half years) as long as they mention quality or bugs, the same names praise them and say so much better than releasing a buggy mess. Only to be suddenly silent when said buggy mess is released a week later, but that aside, you would have to take it that people want the delays. They don’t care about the end product, how bad the update ends up launching, often as a mess and require hot fixes to deactivate LOS or horrendous server wide lag etc. What makes them happy is the delay.

They get to show how cool they are by not caring when the update comes out, me I’m so cool I don’t care if it never launches. So bioware gives these people what they want a delay, they get to show how cool they are. That they may want to stop catering to the dozen or so white knights and release a professional product maybe another debate.

Fred Douglas

I really don’t get it. LOTRO, for example, another, statistically less successful theme park title, can pump out relatively substantial new zones a couple of times a year, but SWTOR can barely scratch together a warzone. Perhaps it’s the voice acting, or evil EA overlords or whatever.

IronSalamander8 .

This is in large part why I quit SWTOR. Not only will this patch be delayed but it will likely STILL be buggy as well. I know the dev team has to be tiny these days but still, this gets ridiculous.

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Yup, can’t forget the buggy as well part. It truly became ridiculous years ago when it comes to how Bioware operates. I take anything that they put out with a grain of salt.