Trove’s latest event sends players to the Forbidden Spires, the best biome in the game


Trove’s Forbidden Spires are my jam. When I go into a level-band zone for adventuring, the first thing I do is scout out my map and then immediately make a beeline for the nearest Forbidden Spires biome. It’s pretty, it has the best music, the mobs don’t do anything particularly annoying, and all its dungeons are laid out to be quick to complete with no bugs or obnoxiousness. I even used it for most of my club world maps. It’s just perfect.

This means I’ll probably be playing some Trove this week as Trion is kicking off its first-ever Remembrance of Reng event, which drives players into the best biome in the entire game.

“Learn more about the history of this gorgeous land and the powerful Cardinal Spirits that once protected it from the forces of shadow. Completing these Adventures will unlock the adorable Baby Brown Cow ally and the Mountain Magpie mount! In addition to the new mount and ally, you’ll also earn 25 Blue Dragonscales for finishing all the new Adventures. Earn more of these scales as rare drops from enemies in the Forbidden Spires. Collect 100 of these scales to unlock a legendary dragon, Shaoran, Sage of the Eastern Ranges!”

Worth pointing out here is that the event runs for only two weeks, and it’s got six subquests to tackle, though I spoilered myself by peeking on Trovesaurus, and I can tell ya that this chain is not going to require much grinding or tedium – it’s super doable with a good mix of boss kills and mining and recipe dungeons. Bonus, this event coincides with Trion’s big sale. Have fun!


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