Funcom is hiring for 40 new positions at its Oslo and North Carolina studios


The folks over at Funcom are looking to bring some fresh blood on board at their Oslo, Norway, and Durham, North Carolina, studios. According to a recent press release, the studio is “looking to fill more than 40 new positions” at its two offices. “Following the success of Conan Exiles,” the press release says, “Funcom is gearing up development of several new PC/console projects internally including a co-op multiplayer game and a new Conan single-player game.”

Funcom’s crafting/survival title Conan Exiles, according to the studio’s Q1 financial report earlier this year, has become its bestselling game of all time, and it would appear that the studio is looking to capitalize on its success. In addition to continuing development on its MMOs Age of Conan and The Secret World Legends, Funcom is also moving into the game-publishing realm with the upcoming Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, releasing on December 4th, and a new title based on the Conan IP being developed by Petroglyph Games.

Source: Press Release

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Mr Ish

What’s the difference between Age of Conan and Conan Exiles?

I assume AoC is “Massively” and Exiles is small-scale…

Hikari Kenzaki

They are quite different as games go and AoC is more MMO and CE is more Survival. AoC is considerably older as well.

There is far too many things to explain in a comment but there are a ton of articles on both games on this site.

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Paragon Lost

One had much promise that was never fulfilled and the other proves that Funcom really just can’t do mmorpgs, that small scale is their suite. I like to point to The Secret World and Secret World Legends as further confirmation of that.

Also that they’re masters of reusing past assets and convincing players to buy it as new. I’ll never ever install a Funcom game on any system of mine ever again. They’ve repeatedly proven that they can’t deliver and that they’ll crap on their customers time and time again.


Funcom is an old company, and they have had one hell of journey over the years (pun intended.) They still were responsible for one of my favorite games ever, The Longest Journey. The AO era was absolutely stellar, overall. AoC was the industry’s darling for awhile, even. Secret World was where they fell apart. And a big part of that was the damage done by the speculation/insider-trading bubble. TSW was a HUGE game in development and post-release. It had a huge team and they were scheduled for monthly content drops but the whole situation with the insider trading and over-valuation of their marketing… they messed up BIG TIME. And they weren’t really able to pivot and recover until Conan: Exiles.

There’s a lot of sadness with Funcom. Secret World is a game my partner and I still play, and probably always will, though not consistently throughout the year. Secret World still remains, IMHO, the deepest and best written experience you can get in MMOs. A shame the game was hamstrung by unethical and illegal corporate pillaging. If Ragnar had been able to continue in a reasonable manner without losing his entire team TSW would probably be going gangbusters by now. Stuff lie Augments and AEGIS were only a sour spot in large part because the team was never able to move past those iffy mechanics to newer, more engaging stuffs.

A shame, really. I can’t be angry at Funcom, but I don’t think they made smart choices nor the right choices for a long time and it killed my favorite MMO. Not bitterness, but resignation.


Is that screenshot above the article Exiles? I don’t recognize the scene.

Nate Woodard

You know what?! Good on then! I hope they are making a new game! Heck, I hope they are hiring for the games they already have!

Fred Douglas

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Hmmm . :)

Straship Troopers recruitment scene springs to mind

“Fresh Meat for the Grinder Eh”?

lol I wonder what they are making.

Bruno Brito

Just need one to take off the P2W BS from the Saga AoC server and reset it.