Rend Early Access roadmap lays out winter feature updates


A couple of days ago, in Frostkeep Studio’s update about Rend’s Patch 5, the studio also announced that it was putting together an Early Acces roadmap for the game, to be released later in the week. Well, it’s later in the week, and the roadmap has arrived, laying out the studio’s plans for the Norse-mythology-inspired crafting/survival game through “mid-December.” It starts by reemphasizing the dev team’s shift in patch cadence. Instead of releasing a small patch every week, the team intends to begin releasing larger, “more significant” content updates every three to four weeks.

The roadmap’s feature list is ambitious, focusing on five different feature categories: comprehensive combat improvements, streamlined features, legendary artifacts, dynamic siege combat, and refined social mechanics. For combat, the dev team’s goals include “[tightening] up the gunplay to bring it in line with modern shooters,” and “[updating] all creatures with new abilities and behaviors to make interacting with them more interesting in and out of combat.” The devs also want to make overhauls to certain game mechanics, “such as crafting, storage, and much more” in order to make Rend more accessible to players. These are just a few of the features that the team plans to implement into the game between now and December, so if you want to see the full list of what Rend players can expect in the coming months, check out the official post on the game’s site.


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