The Daily Grind: Are you excited with the World of Warcraft Classic playable demo announcement?

This is not content. The mini-holiday, that is.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff to unpack about the World of Warcraft Classic announcement from yesterday. It’s been a project that we haven’t heard anything about for a long while and not something that holds any personal appeal, but I definitely wouldn’t have expected an announcement of a demo for everyone, including virtual ticket holders. That alone is pretty surprising, even before you unpack stuff like the fact that we’ll be limited to one zone per faction.

Of course, it’ll also be nearly impossible to be certain if the game is really the same as it one those many years ago aside from judging it against memories, so that should be interesting too. Are you excited with the announcements about World of Warcraft Classic? Is it the sort of thing that makes you want to actually buy the virtual ticket for the right to demo the game? And if you’re not interested in it, are you still surprised at the timing and access for the demo?

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Im really really into BDO right now cant wait to get to expansion level, however will do vanilla wow as an ‘alt’ experience

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Hogger raids incoming.

It was a surprising announcement, but I’m stoked!

It will be really nice to play on an official server and not have to worry about your private server being shut down at any moment.


Not really. I am happy for those that have been wanting this for so long. But I also wonder if once they get what they have wished for, they will be reminded of all of those negative issues that nostalgia glosses over.

Kudos to all involved and participating.

Nate Woodard

Bitter grumpy old man voice. NO! Get off my lawn kid!


If I was really interested in classic I would just play on a private server.


I’m very excited about Classic and happy to hear they’re making progress but I’m not paying anything for a 7-day access to two zones.

Does anyone else remember EU open beta?

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On the one hand, demo access is a neat perk of a Virtual Ticket, assuming that you otherwise would have bought it anyway.

From my standpoint though, as someone who does not play retail and has no interest in it, I have no real interest in the Virtual Ticket for other reasons. So it just seems like a cheesy way to sell six days of “early access” to Classic, which is a bit outlandish even in the upside down world of pre-release pricing where we live the past few years.

I mean, I have some interest in Classic and might be pulled back in to play it at some point. But the idea of paying $50 to get a glance at it for a week is, well, the opposite of “exciting” to me. In the spectrum of early access scams, this is one of the scammier ones I can recall in fact.

Christopher Angeles

I agree. I think most early access price points are scams, but this just feels even more scammier.

Although if you are already buying the ticket, its a nice addition.

Dug From The Earth

About as excited as Id be if someone said “hey lets go make new character in EQ1”

Danny Smith

Not really. Whats a demo of Vanilla WoW? trying to find a group for Hogger? hard pass.


Heh, I think it was a full raid for Hogger. (at least based on zone chat back in the day)


Does the demo come complete with making me fifteen years younger, dumber and full of wonder as when I first played vanilla?

With the same people I befriended brought back to play with me whether they like it or not?

Will they add the housing they scrapped in alpha in this alternate vanilla timeline?

If the answer is no, then nope.

I barely tolerate live servers with their lack of modern and not-so-modern common MMO features, stepping back into an age when being dressed in mixed rags was the reward for 60 levels of adventuring isn’t in my plans….regardless of how solid the design was